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No. 39 & 40, 2010
ISSN 1018-4996

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Kanas Lake

The iconic Kanas Lake in the Kanas National Park, China.

Emplectanthus gerrardii Emplectanthus dalzellii Pseudoprospero Tugela River

The genus Gerbera in summer-rainfall South Africa
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Derivatives of South African members of the genus Gerbera are amongst the world’s top horticultural products. Isabel Johnson, researching the genus towards a Ph.D. at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, provides a well-illustrated overview of the species occurring in the summer-rainfall region of South Africa.

The Kanas National Geopark: the ‘Alps of Asia’
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Dr Clinton Carbutt, a botanist and conservation planner working for Ezemvelo KwaZulu-Natal Wildlife in South Africa, takes readers on a tour of China’s spectacular Kanas National Geopark and its threatened temperate grasslands.

A new species of Emplectanthus from eastern South Africa
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Allied to Riocreuxia and with superficial resemblance to Tylophora, Emplectanthus (Apocynaceae–Ceropegieae) is a rare and little-known genus of three species endemic to eastern South Africa. PlantLife editor David Styles introduces readers to the KwaZulu-Natal species E. cordatus and E. gerrardii, and describes the remarkable new species E. dalzellii, from the Eastern Cape.

The ‘Mop’ or ‘Umbrella’ sedges
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Prof. K.D. Gordon Gray and C.J. ‘Roddy’ Ward share some of their large and lifetime-gathered knowledge on the family Cyperaceae. Information provided will enable readers to identify the hitherto often confusing Cyperus involucratus, C. textilis and C. sexangularis.

Mahwaqa – the frowning mountain
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Mahwaqa Mountain is a botanically rich outlier of the Drakensberg range, close to the town of Bulwer in southern KwaZulu-Natal. Esther Alm says she has lived in the spell of this mountain for 28 years. This well-illustrated excursion through its seasonal changes tells readers why.

An adaptation of Reyneke’s key to the genus Eucomis
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Although popular in horticulture, and not infrequently encountered in the field in South Africa, accurate identification of many Eucomis (Pineapple Flower) species is bedeviled by a lack of accessible information. To remedy this, Prof. Neil Crouch provides this well-illustrated key to the South African members of the genus, with updated distribution maps.

The discovery of the genus Pseudoprospero in KwaZulu-Natal
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Formerly included in Scilla, this curious monotypic genus in the Hyacinthaceae–Hyacinthoideae was until recently known from a single species in the Eastern Cape. PlantLife editor David Styles tells the story of the discovery of a new subspecies, P. firmifolium subsp. natalensis, from arid parts of KwaZulu-Natal.

The Bolboschoenus story in sub-Saharan Africa: personal recollections
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Prof. K.D. Gordon-Gray continues to share her knowledge of the family Cyperaceae with readers, in this article about Bolboschoenus glaucus, B. maritimus and B. nobilis.

An introduction to the Four-O’Clocks of southern Africa
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The Nyctaginaceae is a family well-known for the genera Bougainvillea and Mirabilis. Madeleen Struwig and Dr Stefan Siebert provide an introduction to these and lesser known indigenous and introduced members of the family in southern Africa.

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